Jim Lanpheer is the owner and principal contact for Blissin’s Technologies.  Jim brings 25+ years of professional experience building software systems and projects of various types for large corporations in a variety of fields such as: financial services, insurance, real estate and telecommunications.

He has a strong background in backend technologies involving Oracle databases as both a database developer/designer and as a database administrator.  Later, Jim’s experience broadened into middle-tier Java development and soon after, into full-stack website development specializing in WordPress.

Jim is primarily based out of Denver, Colorado, though he spends a good amount of time in Santa Fe, NM with his fiancé.  His loves being in the outdoors, whether it be hiking or skiing the Rocky Mountains or biking the many trails in and around town. Another of his passions lies in music improvisation, composition and performance.  Jim plays a variety of musical instruments ranging from saxophone to piano to handpan to the Native American flute as well as a variety percussion instruments including the Indian tabla.

If you are interested in hearing some of his work or are interested in having music created for a project that you are working on, you can check out a few samples of Jim’s music site here.

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