The Sounds of Blissin’s

Welcome to the virtual home for the music of Jim Lanpheer! Jim is a multi-instrumentalist that began his life-long magical, musical journey with the saxophone at age 10. Since that time, music has been a source of passion and BLISS that he is always willing to share with others in a variety of forms. Since that original musical educational which began on the saxophone, the palatte of instruments that Jim has taken up and gained some proficiency in has expanded to include: piano, North Indian tabla, handpan, Native American flute, voice, gongs, Tibetan sound healing instruments, synthesizers and guitar.

Another area of passionate pursuit is the use of sound and music used for the purposes of ‘healing’. Since 2012, Jim has offered public sound ceremonies, channeling the sound current with the intention of using vibration as a tool to clear the energy field of the body. In fact, there is an entire form of yoga called “Nada Yoga” where sound and music are the focus of a meditation. Jim favors the use of gongs and a variety of Tibetan sound healing instruments to create a vibrational experience that can be energizing, blissful, terrifying (at times) and ultimately, leave the listener feeling ‘cleansed’ and ‘renewed’ in various ways. Jim offers these sessions for both individuals and groups, both remotely and in person.

Another very fruitful way in which Jim shares his love of sound is thru musical performance. Jim often shares his gifts and introduces people to his BLISS-full instruments by giving concerts in retirement communities and memory care facilities. It always amazes us how a simply-played flute or Tibetan bowl can such a profound impact on people who may be dealing with Alzheimer’s or a variety of other nervous system imbalances.

Music is INDEED “medicine” – it is food for the soul. Hearing your favorite song on “a bad day” can turn your day around instantly. Recently, science has shown us how intentional sound and music can have a positive impact on our physical health, as well as our emotional state of being. Every human being is a “rhythmic being” (heartbeat/respiration), without it, “you” would not exist. “Stay Tuned” to this space for more – music, video, instruction, upcoming music events, articles, soundtracks and MORE!

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